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Program Outcomes

Government Degree College Programs and Courses – Outcomes and Specific Outcomes

Program Outcomes for UG
PO1 : Knowledge :-
Get intensive knowledge in their respective subjects and extensive knowledge generally.
PO2: Skills :- Develop effective reading, writing, speaking, listening and communication skills in English and Second Language. Develop employability skills, computer skills and use electronic media.
PO3: Values:- Develop moral values and ethics
PO4: Critical Thinking:– Check the accuracy and validity of an action and look at every problem from different perspectives.
PO5: Environment:- Understand the importance of environment and their responsibility towards its protection.
PO6 : Community Service:- understand the responsibility towards the community and society and volunteer their services.
PO7 : Self Learning:- Develop ability for self and independent learning.
PO8 : Patriotism:- Develop a feeling of Patriotism and understand their role in national development.
PO9 : Information Literacy:- Develop information literacy for effective learning.


B.A. Program Specific outcomes
PSO1: To obtain graduation and become eligible for Public Service
Competitive Exams.
PSO2: To provide students with practical knowledge and skills which familiarize and
participate in the modern business and economic world.
PSO3: To secure jobs in key managerial positions in accounting, taxation and
PSO4: To work productively and efficiently in a wide range of different

B.COM (Gen & CA) Program Specific outcomes

CO1: To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills in business to prepare the youth to attain holistic approach and eventually occupy key managerial positions in accounting, finance, international business, taxation, besides general management
CO2: To provide students with the knowledge ,tools of analysis and skills with which to understand and participate in the modern business and economics world, to prepare them for subsequent graduate studies and to archive success in their professional carriers.
CO3: Analyse commerce/business issues in the international contexts and compare international contexts and issues through the lens of commerce disciplines.
CO4: Work competently and productively in groups ,exercising team work and interpersonal skills and qualify for employment in a wide range of occupations.

B.Sc. Program core outcomes 

PSO1: To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills in sciences to attain holisic approach and eventually occupy good positions in teaching field, industries, diagnostic centers etc.
PSO2: To provide the students with knowledge, tools of analysis, and skills with which to understand and participate and to achieve success in theirprofessional careers.
PSO3: Analyse biological aspects and their significance to understand their importance and applications in day to day life.
PSO4: Work competently and productively in groups, exercising team kills and qualify for employment in a wider range of occupations.