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Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

PHYSICAL FACILITIES: The physical facilities including laboratories, classrooms and computer etc are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college. The students seek admission to desired course including a laboratory curriculum.

The Laboratory maintenance expenses are met from the special fees. The classrooms boards and furniture facilities are utilized regularly by the students. The maintenance and the cleaning of the classrooms and the labs are done with the efforts of the non – teaching staff. The college has a contingent night watchman. The college has an adequate number of computers with internet connections and the utility software distributed in different locals like office, labs, library departments, staff rooms etc. All the stake holders have equal opportunity to use those facilities as per the rules and policies of the institution. The office computers are also connected through the Internet, consisting of the office software, making work easier and systematic .The library is also provided with Computer facility for the academic reference. The departments and the staff can make use of computer system with internet at Computer Centre. The ICT Smart class rooms and the related systems are maintained regularly. T – SAT equipment is maintained by Dish Doctor The maintenance of UPS and the Generator (Solar System) is regularly done.

The R.O. System (Drinking Water facility is done regularly) Electrical and the plumbing related maintenance is done with the help local skilled persons and the expenditure is done from restructured courses budget and Govt. quarter Budget.

ACADEMIC AND SUPPORT FACILITIES : The Academic support facilities like library, the sports and other platform supporting overall development of the students like NSS etc. Accession to library is permitted to all the students and staff equally. The library maintenance is made by the College Special Fees.
The activities like fumigation and keeping library clean is done frequently by Non-Teaching Office Subordinate staff. The Physical Education Department of the college is meritorious and some credit defiantly goes to the adequate infrastructure of the department consisting well equipped Gym Indoor games like Caroms, Chess, Table Tennis.