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e Learning Zone

Learning Management System (LMS) & e–Learning Resources

Government Degree College providing e-Learning System through various channels like Videos, Model Papers, Journals etc.,

Our faculty members also preparing topic wise learning video classes to facilitate the students to learn in online to get better performance in the examinations. It also helps to enhance their skills on various topics and do research their own.

English Video Lessons

Letter Writing https://youtu.be/MjsfYaioNAo 
Note Making  https://youtu.be/DD4Yxk8MwD0 
Paragraph Writing https://youtu.be/krqrSZhHL6g 
Proverb Expansion https://youtu.be/dhxVMZzBMFA 
Subject Verb Agreement (part 1) https://youtu.be/xZLfSUEMMTs 
Subject Verb Agreement (part 2} https://youtu.be/9t6ALye9Azs 
Subject Verb Agreement (part 3} https://youtu.be/GDpIS6JKcWY 
Jumbled Paragraph https://youtu.be/GJyd-lQvU00 
Practice Exercise https://youtu.be/Kd05BU6j-EI 
Grammatical Errors https://youtu.be/_r6gPRT2694 
Grammatical Errors (Prepositions) https://youtu.be/17piXL08-yE 
Grammatical Errors II https://youtu.be/TMpvxJLDQGo 
Grammatical Errors III https://youtu.be/81gCUkED1n0 
Reading comprehension https://youtu.be/mpOeWd_dJaI