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e Learning Zone

Learning Management System (LMS) & e–Learning Resources

Government Degree College providing e-Learning System through various channels like Videos, Model Papers, Journals etc.,

Our faculty members also preparing topic wise learning video classes to facilitate the students to learn in online to get better performance in the examinations. It also helps to enhance their skills on various topics and do research their own.

History Video Lessons

Ikshvaku Dynastyhttps://youtu.be/G37PsqdMF4Q
The Kakatiyashttps://youtu.be/XWGsGfxBkOU
Kakatiya Dynasty – Ganapati Devahttps://youtu.be/38ZY95NlBYU
Rani Rudrama Devihttps://youtu.be/ogaK9kDSnRw
Kakatiya Administrationhttps://youtu.be/jTED9eSQv1A
Jahangir (1605 – 1627)https://youtu.be/SUY87UMtKZw
Jahangir (1605 – 1627) -1https://youtu.be/5zae5eh6X5k
Social Conditions in Kakatiya periodhttps://youtu.be/nFjikyJwLAA
Economic Conditions in Kakatiya periodhttps://youtu.be/hwZeUAp5oPU
Cultural Conditions in Kakatiya periodhttps://youtu.be/2jE_bC9PP2M
Shah Jahan (1627 – 1658)https://youtu.be/nh3KzpEiYgA
Economic Conditions in Mughal periodhttps://youtu.be/e-BwTwu45ew
Mughal Administrationhttps://youtu.be/ZI6p1IE1hPU
Cultural Conditions in Mughal periodhttps://youtu.be/vP3z9xac0q4
Causes for the Downfall of The Mughal Empirehttps://youtu.be/T8r0CP2PJgU
Aurangzeb (1658 – 1707)https://youtu.be/jDZt5G_5eyw
Shivaji (1627 – 1680)https://youtu.be/DQtx4hcnxwU