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Government Degree College providing e-Learning System through various channels like Videos, Model Papers, Journals etc.,

Our faculty members also preparing topic wise learning video classes to facilitate the students to learn in online to get better performance in the examinations. It also helps to enhance their skills on various topics and do research their own.

CCE Video Lessons

Electric fiel and electric potentialhttps://youtu.be/VuZX5m3FQ4Y
Gauss lawhttps://youtu.be/8aRydi6WW80
Magnetic field https://youtu.be/Yhl9Nqkx3Fw
 Magnetic field on the axis of a current loop, and the couple on a loophttps://youtu.be/6doD0Ku16ak  
Crystal strucurehttps://youtu.be/C4KBL3_a7_w  
Bravis lattice, Inverse lattice, Braggs lawhttps://youtu.be/C-rHHfOTExk
Modern Physicshttps://youtu.be/2oUkWbHW3CI
Rutherford Scattering https://youtu.be/3xsMw7AG2Kg
Lattice vibrations and Phononshttps://youtu.be/i78i5XCA394
Energy bands in solidshttps://youtu.be/QrL2c_bPn3M  
Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetismhttps://youtu.be/QxjkU7SycQs
Boundary conditions of electric and magnetic fields on interfacehttps://youtu.be/9Yv6X3eOdJE
Plane EM waves in vacuumhttps://youtu.be/-fhwzT6E60g
Plane EM waves in vacuumhttps://youtu.be/Ml3VnbOM6Fc
Electromagnetic wave in dissipating mediumhttps://youtu.be/Ml3VnbOM6Fc
Atomic Structurehttps://youtu.be/nttcSnWCloY
Equation of Plane Electromagnetic wavehttps://youtu.be/7kHtozUPIEY
DeBroglie’s hypothesishttps://youtu.be/qrP0CPYX9r0
Nuclear sizehttps://youtu.be/jFwjhDMEcVs
Gammow’s theory of alpha decayhttps://youtu.be/qns5lIK6m7g
Geiger Nuttal Lawhttps://youtu.be/tHzfyanBejg
Thermodynamic variables, and thermodynamic potentialshttps://youtu.be/LKRPVTsJfmU
First order change and second order changehttps://youtu.be/kAJhiG25Uxg
Derivation of Maxwells equations of  thermodynamicshttps://youtu.be/fVJpKIaZkrM